Our Vision:

Reimagining Home

High Point Market is known as the place where the latest home furnishings styles, trends, and products are introduced. It is where the latest ideas in how home furnishings are designed, created, made, sold, and shipped are introduced, discussed, and developed. It is the place where home furnishings professionals meet and make meaningful connections with the individuals who become the most important contributors to their career success.

Our vision is to actively and intentionally combine these three elements – products, ideas, and people – to create the essential hub and dynamic center of the global home furnishings industry. We see High Point Market as the place where the future of home is imagined by our industry’s leading thinkers and innovators, defined by lifestyle trendsetters and product designers, given form by artists, artisans, and manufacturers, and made part of people’s lives by interior designers and retailers.

High Point Market will be the place where the people of the global home furnishings industry are always and actively reimagining home.