Meet the people who work behind the scenes all year long to make sure our exhibitors and guests have a great Market experience.

Tom Conley

President and CEO

“As the presenter of the furniture industry’s major show, The Market Authority enjoys a particularly exciting and demanding challenge. We are uniquely positioned to help our industry meet its challenges by growing our role as the one place for the face-to-face interactions and hands-on product experiences that are so vital to the manufacturers, retailers, and designers success, while also expanding our role as a year-round resource for products, ideas, and professional connections.”

Tammy Nagem

Chief Operating Officer

“My operations team is here to make sure every guest has a great experience while in High Point. We make sure you have your Market pass, keep the buses on schedule, keep the streets clean, make sure you can walk across them safely, and take care of the million or so details that keep this event running. If it’s about your safety, convenience, health, or well-being at Market, it’s part of our job. What I have found most rewarding about working here is that we are known for making all of those things happen with a smiling face, a friendly hand, and a big helping of southern hospitality.”

Terry Venable

VP of Operations & Finance

“I am always looking for my next new challenge, and that’s what I love about High Point Market Authority. From unveiling The Point, our education and networking venue, to overseeing our robust transportation system, I enjoy the perfect balance between creating new and exciting experiences for our guests, keeping in place the amenities on which they depend, and building a better future for our always-evolving Market.”

Ashley D. Grigg

Director of Marketing and Communications

“In managing our media relations, educational programming, social media outreach and partner activations, I have this incredible opportunity to embrace and engage the industry’s latest ideas, inspirations, and thought leaders. Whether they emerge as products, new ways of doing business, new processes and materials, or new ways of thinking about the meaning and value of home, they’re going to intersect with High Point Market at some point. And that makes this a really exciting place to be.”

Jessica Wynn

Director of Guest Experience

“I want your experiences here in High Point to keep you coming back for more. We put thought into every step you take on your way here, at Market, and on your way home. This includes everything from maps, navigational tools, and information to concerts, unique experiences, and elaborate activations. I love bringing new ideas to life, and how each Market is different from the last!”

Patty Russo

Director of Support Services

“I’ve been with the Market Authority since 2005, and I love that this Market is always changing and growing, so each day brings new challenges and new puzzles to solve. As the person responsible for making sure our exhibitor profiles are accurate, I have a great opportunity to contribute to their success, and as the coordinator of Pre-Market, I really enjoy helping our buyers and exhibitors be as productive as possible.”

Susanne Purnell

Director of Data & IT

“I make sure the technological infrastructure of Market is properly maintained and updated, from the registration system, website and app to the machines themselves. What I love most, though, is seeing people have a great experience while they’re here at Market, and knowing that I have contributed to that in some small way.”

Stephanie Jonas

Director of Sponsor Engagement

“I am here to find innovative ways for our sponsors, partners, and exhibitors to elevate their brands by creating extraordinary experiences for our guests. Whether we’re producing educational programs, tours, events, pop ups, digital promotions, print advertising, or a customized combination of solutions, I love helping our industry’s brands reach, engage, and build stronger relationships with their customers.”

Lindsay Martin

Manager of Communications

“Managing our social media posting, and assisting with all aspects of our marketing, I get to see each Market come together, from the first new ideas to the finished showrooms and our Keynote and educational events. My favorite part, though, is the event. Market Week, with all of the people, new products, gorgeous showrooms, events, and excitement, is just a wonderful thing to contribute to – and experience.”

Dan Davis

Outreach Project Manager

“I joined the Market Authority after returning to High Point in 2015, and was quickly bitten by the HPMKT bug. As I coordinate our Hospitality At Market event and provide resources to exhibitors and buyers, each day brings a unique set of opportunities and rewards. I thoroughly enjoy supporting our industry, creating an exceptional Market experience for our guests, and contributing to the world’s greatest home fashion show!”

Whitney Swaim

Operations Manager

“I work to make sure our guests are able to get to and around Market as efficiently as possible. It’s no small task but I love the challenge, am excited to be part of the Market Authority team, and look forward to each Market with great anticipation.”

Rachel Rodean

Guest Services Coordinator

“After graduating with a B.A. in Event Management from High Point University in May 2021, I was thrilled to find an opportunity to work in my chosen field. Working with this great Market Authority team I’m finding new and innovative ways to create immersive experiences for our guests through popups, navigational tools, meet and greets, and concerts. It’s exciting to see our ideas, planning, and hard work come to life.”